Laser Surgery for Pets

Carrying out laser surgery in the North East since 2008

Dragon vets to our knowledge are the only veterinary laser surgery provider in the North East.

We were the first practice in the country to import this laser for surgical procedures on cats, dogs, birds and other animals.

What are the benefits of laser surgery?

Veterinary laser surgery provides the same benefits to pets that human patients have enjoyed for over thirty years. Less pain, bleeding, infection, swelling and discomfort after surgery. It also offers the ability to resume normal activities much quicker.

Using our veterinary laser, we can perform a wide variety of surgical procedures on a range of animals. The laser can be used to make unique bloodless laser incision, as well as to erase unhealthy tissue (e.g. tumours) without excessive loss of blood typical of conventional scalpel-based surgery. The laser seals small blood vessels as it cuts, which significantly simplifies the surgical procedure. The laser ablation is so precise that it can selectively remove only a few cells at a time, and the laser beam seals nerve endings, so patients are much more comfortable after treatment.

The laser beam kills any bacteria in its path, and also seals lymph vessels, resulting in less post operative swelling and infection.

We have been using our laser over the last 7 years for bitch speys, dog castrations, lump removals, skin fold excisions, ear procedures, lick granulomas, and a host of other procedures.

Laser surgery is now being used more frequently in minor procedures too. A rapidly expanding use of this new technology is being used in the removal of unsightly warts and cysts. Pet owners who were previously reluctant to put their pets through the trauma of surgery for minor procedures, can now have them performed more quickly and easily with little or no pain.

Laser surgery offers

Less pain, less bleeding, less infection, less swelling and quicker recovery.

View a video of a laser assisted bitch spey below…