Vet Practice Special Offers Washington, Tyne & Wear

Veterinary Practice Offers

At our veterinary practice, we provide special offers to help keep pet care affordable for both our regular patients and new one’s joining our practice.

Our current offers for our vets practice below

Puppy Premium Starter Packs

  • Puppy Premium Starter Pack
  • Our puppy premium starter pack includes the following:
  • Two full examinations by a vet
  • Nurse consultation to discuss any questions regarding your puppy
  • Complete course of vaccinations including: Parvovirus, Distemper, Viral Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, and Parainfluenza virus.
  • A worming and parasite treatment (Stronghold)
  • Petplan insurance for 4 weeks
  • Bag of puppy food (James Wellbeloved Puppy 2kg)
  • 10% discount on the cost of neutering

Special offer price – £62.50

Special offer price with Microchip – £77.50

Puppy Premium Plus Starter Pack

In line with the new WSAVA vaccination guidelines, we are now recommending a third vaccine at 16 weeks to catch the 5% of dogs which will respond poorly to vaccine courses finishing at 12 weeks old. This is especially important in black and tan breeds such as Rottweiler/Doberman dogs.

You will get all the benefits from the Puppy Premium Starter Package plus the extra 3rd full vaccine at 16 weeks for maximum protection.

Special offer price – £85

Special offer price with Microchip – £100

Kitten Premium Starter Pack

Our kitten premium starter packs include the following:

  • Two full examinations by a vet
  • Nurse consultation to discuss any questions regarding your kitten
  • Complete course of vaccinations including: 2 cat flu viruses (Herpes, Calici), Feline Enteritis virus, Feline Leukaemia virus (over 3 – 5 weeks).
  • A worming and parasite treatment (Stronghold)
  • Microchip
  • Petplan insurance 4 weeks
  • Bag of kitten food (James Well beloved kitten 1.5kg)
  • 10% discount on cost of neutering

Special offer price £90

FREE nurse health checks for older dogs & cats

As your dogs & cats get older, the importance of identifying underlying health problems early is essential.

Our nurse health checks are for dogs over 8 and cats over 12. By carrying out a health check we can advise on any treatment necessary to help keep them living long and healthy lifestyles.

Dragon Veterinary Centre is proud to offer senior pet health checks with our nursing team. Our experienced team of qualified nurses are running senior pet health checks to keep your older cats and dogs in tip top health through the golden years.

We will perform a detailed examination, perform a urine test and additionally in cat’s we will check their blood pressure. This will be followed by a consultation with a qualified nurse in which we will review and discuss key life-stage advice such as;

  • Diet
  • Weight
  • Exercise
  • Dental hygiene
  • Flea and worm control
  • Vaccination
  • And any other health issues or concerns you may have

We have more extensive Senior Health Checks with Vet examinations and other diagnostic screens available.

We recommend the attendance of senior pet clinics because it can help us to detect problems earlier. Although old age is inevitable there are many things we can do to help you to manage the signs of ageing.

We hope you take advantage of this fantastic service and look forward to seeing you at the surgery soon. Please contact  our practice to book your senior nurse check.
*Cats and dogs only. Does not include drugs or treatments. If your pet is unwell our vet will charge a consultation fee.

Microchipping offer for Dogs

Since April 2016 it has been compulsory for all dogs to be microchipped and registered onto an approved database by the age of 8 weeks old.

If an owner of a dog has not microchipped them, they will be served with a notice and will have 21 days to get the dog chipped. If they fail to do this within this time they will be liable for a fine of £500.

Having your dog microchipped gives you the best chance of being reunited with them if they go missing.

Normally the cost is £25 and Dragon Vets are currently running a promotion for only £12.50 if chipped when neutered.

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