Vets Health Plans for Dogs & Cats

Vets health plans to save you money on essential health care for your pet

Your pet deserves the very best, that why we have put together a health plan to look after for your pets.

Dragon Vets Health Plan has been designed to help keep your pets healthy by making essential health care affordable.

  • Annual vaccinations
  • Regular flea control
  • Regular worming
  • Twice yearly health examinations

The cost of the preventative healthcare is distributed throughout the year with these Health Plans. With monthly Direct Debit payments – it couldn’t be simpler!

Whilst spreading the cost of preventative treatments, all members qualify for additional discounts on other items in the practice. Plus, should a pet need an expensive operation or treatment costing over £500, payment can be spread over a period of months (conditions apply).

What you get with the Dragon Vets Health Plans

Dogs Health Plan

  • Annual vaccination against Parvovirus and Leptospirosis, with Distemper and Viral Hepatitis on alternate years (in accordance with WSAVA guidelines)
  • Monthly flea control
  • Worming at least every 3 months ( monthly with some products)
  • Health checks of your dog every 6 months to make sure all is well
  • 10% off kennel cough vaccination

Cats Health Plan

  • Annual vaccination against two cat flu viruses (Herpes and Calicivirus), Feline Enteritis and Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV in outdoor cats only)
  • Monthly flea control, or injection for 6 months control
  • Worming every 3 months

To apply for the Dragon Vets Health Plan or if you would like the Health Care Brochure then see below…