Referrals in Dermatology, Dentistry & Laser Surgery

To arrange a referral complete the form below and attach full history with any laboratory results.

Please note clients must be referred by their Veterinary Surgeon 


Dermatology Referrals...

Dermatology investigations and management:

  • Investigation and therapy of alopecia
  • Demodicosis (juvenile and adult onset)
  • Psychogenic Dermatitis
  • Allergic Skin Disease. Has managed over 10,000 cases
  • Intradermal allergy testing/allergen-specific immunotherapy
  • Autoimmune skin disease
  • CO2 laser treatment of interdigital cysts
  • Acral lick dermatitis – laser ablation
  • Nail Disease
  • Keratinisation Disorders
  • Endocrine Disease


By Julie Henfrey BVM&S CertSAD MRCVS

Aural Referrals...

Medical management

  • Chronic ear disease – including ear canal stenosis, wall polyps
  • Ceruminous gland hyperplasia
  • Gram-negative otitis externa/otitis media
  • PSOM (Primary secretary otitis externa in the CKCS)
  • Malassezia hypersensitivity
  • Idiopathic ulcerative otitis
  • Allergic otitis
  • Otic demodicosis
  • Surgery for end-stage ear disease
  • Video otoscopy with the otoscope laser surgery


By Julie Henfrey BVM&S CertSAD MRCVS & Dr Sion Ford BSc (Hons)BVM&S MRCVS (INTERN)

Dental Referrals...

Juvenile dental issues

  • Lingually displaced mandibular canines
  • Retained deciduous canines
  • Enamel dysplasia

Adult dental issues

  • Eruption cysts in jaws
  • Pulp damage
  • Crown shortening of lingually displaced adult lower canines
  • Fractured single-root teeth (root canal or vital pulpotomy)

Dedicated dental suite with dental radiography



By Dr Hannah Clark BSc BVetMed MRCVS

Laser Surgery Referrals...

  • Interdigital cysts/granulomas
  • Acral lick dermatitis
  • Soft palate resection and nasal opening in BOAS dogs
  • TECA/LBO for end-stage ears
  • Abation of aural wall masses

First Aesculight carbon dioxide laser in the UK from 2008. Trained on its use in Ohio USA and subsequent extensive use over the last ten years.


By Dr Andrew Henfrey BVM&S PhD MRCVS


Please email us and attach a full history and any laboratory results and supporting documents to

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