Weight Management for Dogs & Cats

Weight Management For Pets

Weight management is essential for pets. Obesity can cause a wide range of health issues such as osteoarthritis, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. To give your pet a long and healthy life it is important to help them maintain a healthy weight.


A balanced diet for your pets

Pets require a balanced diet appropriate to their species, age and health. The PDSA Wellbeing report for 2014 showed that too many people are continuing to feed their pets with inappropriate food such as crisps, cakes, cheese, chips, takeaways and other human leftovers. Over 2 million owners are giving treats because their pets beg for them. The pet obesity crisis can only be tackled with a better understanding of the right types of diets for their pets, and will be dependent on owner willpower.

Maintaining a healthy weight is as critically important for pets. A landmark study by Purina completed in 2001 found that maintaining a “lean” dog extended lifespan by 15% and delayed the requirement for long-term medication by 2 years.

Balanced Diets

A balanced diet is helpful in combating disease, years of extensive research has gone into nutrition. Prepared mixed formulas of pet foods have played a key role in the decrease of nutritional disorders, as a result lead to pets living healthier lives.

Reducing the weight of already overweight pets is not always a simple task and may require specialised diets. Reducing the weight of cats in particular needs careful planning to prevent problems associated with liver disease [hepatic lipidosis].

FREE Weight Clinics

At Dragon Vets we offer free weight clinics for dogs, cats and rabbits. If you have any concerns regarding your pet’s weight call us for an appointment.

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