Help and advice for lost pets

The first steps to finding lost pets is getting publicity, patrolling the area and taking practical measure. These steps can be crucial in re-uniting lost pets with their owners quickly.

Ensure you cover a wide area and contact as many people as possible within it.

If your pet is insured, check that your policy covers reward costs and advertising, this way you can get added support and publicity no cost to you.

On-line sites for registering lost pets

Dog Lost 

Animal Search UK 

National Pet Register


Dogs Trust

Dog Theft Awareness County Durham

Cats Protection League 

Remember, no matter if your pet has being missing for a few hours or a few weeks, you need to try and stay positive. Keeping calm and thinking positive will give you the best chance of bringing your pet home safely.


Below are a few tips for helping find lost pets

  • Search the neighbourhood on foot, calling your pets name and listen for any response.
  • Alert neighbours to the fact your pet is missing. The more people in the neighbourhood that are aware your pet is missing, the better chance you have of finding them.
  • Put an alert on Facebook with photos and ask people to share the fact your pet is missing. Add posts on local lost and found and dedicated groups for reuniting dogs also on Facebook. Many dogs have been re-united with their owners by using this media.
  • Contact local vets and animal rescue centres in the area in case your dog has been taken in. Often people who find pets take them to vets to see if they have a microchip.
  • In the case of lost dogs, contact your local animal warden, which is responsible for collecting strays. They may just have been alerted or picked up your pet.
  • Search any empty properties or buildings in the area, your pet may have gone in and become trapped.
    Check behind restaurants or places, which have food, if your pet gets hungry it, may go there to find food.
  • Put up posters in the local area with photos of your pet and a contact number
  • Register lost pets on the free on-line databases some of which are listed below.

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