So you are the owner of a new puppy, with that comes the responsibilities that come with dog owning and caring for your dog. The good news is along with that will come years of pleasure that goes with owning a dog.

Overtime with the correct training and care your puppy will become an adult, which is a pleasure to own.

Below are a few tips for when you first bring your puppy home

When you collect your puppy from the breeder

Take a cosy blanket, spare bedding and comfortable dog carrier, alone with water and food for longer journeys.

Understand your puppy will be nervous after being taken away from its litter and environment for the first time.

  • Try to settle it in a puppy carrier
  • Don’t let children handle it too much if its nervous
  • Keep it well ventilated
  • Minimise exposure to loud noises
  • If it shows signs of distress sit quietly and comfort the puppy
  • If you have any concerns after picking up your puppy call our surgery for advice or bring it along for a check up.

Arriving home with your new puppy...

Your home will seem strange to your new puppy, give him or her time to adjust to their new surroundings. Puppies love to play and need a quiet place to rest and sleep.

You should have the following ready for their homecoming

  • Food, water and food bowls
  • A bed
  • Ideally a puppy play area
  • Collar and leader
  • Toys
  • Brush

Puppy Socialisation...

Socialising your puppy early in life will help him or her cope with situations they may encounter later in life. During the early weeks and months, try to introduce your puppy to sounds, sights and people. Let your puppy meet people, children and visitors to your home.

If your puppy has not been fully vaccinated, carry them outside and show them sounds and places. Once your puppy has completed its course of vaccinations and is able to go outdoors, let them meet other dogs from an early age. Puppy socialisation classes are run by several groups and are excellent ways to introduce new puppies to each other.

Early Puppy training...

You should start your puppy’s training from him or her arriving at your home. Enrol them in puppy training classes at an early age to teach it commands. When training your puppy at home ensure the family all use the same commands. Keep your puppy training sessions short and fun for them.

Puppy Toilet training...

When trying to toilet train your puppy, remember to take it outside immediately after eating, sleeping or playing. Never punish a puppy for doing it in the wrong place; they think they are being punished for what they did, not in the place it happened.

Puppies and toys...

If toys become worn or damaged replace them. Puppies love toys and their minds need exercise as well as their bodies. Play games with him and keep them entertained with their own toys. Don’t give them old shoes or slippers; otherwise they will think they can have all slippers or shoes.

Find out about worming, fleas and your puppies vaccinations on our dedicated pages

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