blood dogs poo

Blood in your dog’s poo

Blood in dogs poo

Blood in dogs poo, it’s easy as a dog owner to assume the worst when you notice blood your pets poo, however there can be a huge range of answers as to why this is happening. The most common causes for blood in your dogs poo can be constipation, bacterial or viral infection, injury, allergies or eating something unsuitable for their diet. Although not ideal, these problems can be treated quite easily with the correct care. More severe possibilities for blood in poo include cancer, consuming toxic waste, hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, blockages or parvovirus. This is why it is vital to speak to your vet once noticing a problem to rule out the more serious concerns.


Cats and plants

Poisonous Plants to Cats

Flowers are something that us humans love. We actually love them so much that we spend £2 billion a year on indoor houseplants and flowers! And although these may be the excellent additions to our home decor, a portion of even the most popular flowers can be extremely dangerous to cats.



Looking after a cat with fleas

How to look after your cat with fleas

If you’ve been a cat owner for some time you’ll know the struggle of fleas all too well. No matter how hard you try sometimes it just seems impossible to resolve. Regular flea treatment is the only key solution to help avoid unwanted visitors on your pet, however sometimes no matter what efforts are in place, fleas still slip through.



Christmas dangers for pets

Christmas time is fun for all the family, and your pets are at no exclusion to this rule! However as much as our furry friends get excited at this time of year, there are a few things we should be aware of to keep their Christmas as safe and as enjoyable as our own.



Easter Dangers

Easter Dangers For Pets

Easter can be a fun time for all the family with the warm spring weather and going out for walks with your family and pets. However there are hazards which could turn that lovely day into an emergency trip to the vet! To help prevent this happening we have put together some of our tips for you to be aware of.



Taking Your Pet Abroad

Travelling abroad with your pet

When travelling abroad with your pet, there are now new rules to follow regarding our recent exit to the EU.
The rules will depend on which country you are going to or coming from.


Fireworks & Pets

Dogs and Fireworks

Dogs and anxiety with fireworks

Fireworks, the amazing shows that take place on the lead up to bonfire night and New Years eve; exciting for us, however perhaps not so much for our dogs. The loud bangs and flashescan cause confusion and fear in dogs, being very stressful for just under half of all dogs in the UK. During the firework period we aim to put our pets’ safety first, providing as much care as we possibly can.



Infectious Diseases Rabbits

Infectious Diseases Rabbits – Protecting Your Pet

Rabbits are subject to infectious diseases just like ourselves. There are two main infectious disease; Myxomatosis and Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease (RHD). Both of these diseases are widespread in the UK and can put all rabbits at risk of ending up seriously ill or even dying with the disease.



Covid-19 Veterinary Update

Covid-19 Our Veterinary Practice –  The second “new normal”

It seems likely that in the next two or maybe three weeks the COVID hazard level will come down to Level 3, and lockdown will be released a little bit more. So how is this going to affect how we see your pets without compromising the safety of staff, owners or pets? We don’t want to be responsible for any rise in the R value!



Covid-19 Cats and Dogs

Covid-19 affecting my cat or dog?

After a recent article by the BBC, regarding Covid-19 and keeping your cats indoors, the British Veterinary Association has now clarified their position in light of the report.
In response to questions from the BBC about general advice for pet owners the British Veterinary Association had given both general guidance and specific advice for cat owners regarding households who were self-isolating or infected households.