Vet Facilities at Dragon Vets Washington, Tyne & Wear

Our vet facilities are equipped with the capacity to investigate most diseases

Vet facilities -at Dragon Vets we are a very well equipped practice with the capacity to investigate most diseases. We have a particular interest in medicine and dermatology. At our practice we have a wide range of imaging equipment from ultrasound, radiography (xray), ECG and endoscopy.

We are also to our knowledge the first and only laser surgery clinic in the North East. We have being carrying out laser surgery since 2008.

Here is a brief outline of some of our facilities we offer at Dragon Vets

Ultrasound & ECG

We have a new ultrasound machine [January 2016] to scan patients. This has the range to image a cat’s heart to a Great Dane’s liver, and includes the ability to measure and visualise blood flow (Doppler) which greatly enables us to diagnose complex heart and abdominal problems.Our electrocardiogram detects electrical activity from the heart.

The more we can know about the problem with your pet, the better we are able to tailor treatment plans to give them an excellent quality of life.


Gastroscope – for viewing and sampling stomach, colon and small intestine.
Bronchoscope – for viewing and sampling wind pipe and lungs
Otoscope – for viewing and flushing ears
Rhinoscope – for viewing and sampling inside the nose.

Dental Equipment

We have recently upgraded our dental imaging (x-ray) to provide superb pictures of teeth, especially roots so we can ensure the best treatments for your pet. This is especially important for cats with dental disease when extractions can be complicated by root resorption.

X-ray imaging of tooth roots in dogs allows us to determine the best course of treatment to either preserve teeth or facilitate extractions if necessary.

We have air-driven high speed dental tooth cutting equipment and a powerful ultrasonic scaler to remove tartar and give your pet the best long term dental health care.


Your pet can benefit from in-house laboratory tests of blood and urine performed and reported on the day of collection. or skin sample collection. Accurate machines determine blood cell and biochemistry values to assess health state in both ill animals, and those prior to anaesthetic procedures. We run these machines with an External Quality Assurance scheme.

The microscope is probably used more than any equipment in the laboratory to examine skin scrapings and ear samples for microbes and parasites, and for assessing blood and urine cells and deposits.


The ability to take radiographs (x-rays) is a fundamental in veterinary practice now. To keep the radiation dose to a minimum for your pet, we have a powerful radiography machine. This means we can take images with single exposures, and modern digital processing to allow sharing of the images around the practice, and in-turn being able to rapidly send for specialist interpretation if needed.

Laser surgery

Laser surgery is an exciting addition to our facilities. We were the first practice in the country to import this laser from the USA. To our knowledge we are currently the only practice in the North East to have this facility.

Laser surgery has great benefits for your pet – Less bleeding, Less swelling, Seals nerve endings so less pain, quicker recovery.

The laser can be used for routine surgeries such as neutering, but also for very vascular (bloody) surgeries such as tumour removal from tongues, or ear surgery, or for some unique laser-only surgeries (e.g. ear polyp ablations). For more information see our dedicated page